Hungary’s reputable medical universities make Budapest a place where your dreams can come true.
Gain a general physician’s degree after a six-year education program, and then continue your studies in the specialized field of your choice. The medical program covers six years, i.e. 12 semesters. The first two years serve as a foundation, providing basic medical knowledge. From the third year, clinical practice is added to theoretical training. The students participate in the work of clinical departments and hospitals. The last two semesters – the apprentice year – consist of clinical practice, with 37-week rotation.
After the conclusion of the program (and a State Board Examination), a Doctor of Medicine’s title is granted to those who have met all training requirements.

After finishing the program, students may continue their studies in the following institutions:

Since October 5, 2020 the education at McDaniel College Budapest has been online. We have successfully conducted our online instruction both in the two-semester and in the one-semester Pre-Medical Track this academic year. Even though we are committed to continue our instruction on campus in person when circumstances permit (hopefully from September, 2021), we will also offer the possibility to complete the whole course online. If you are interested in joining us, you can apply here.